A beautiful token of commitment and a blessing from God

Wedding vows collection

Marriage Vows


Marriage Vow #1:

I [insert name] stand before you [insert name]

The better-half-of-me to be my lawful husband/or wife.

May we be together through thick or thin

Rich or poor, and dance in rain or shine

I promise to embrace you, challenge you, and support our hopes and dreams

And work with you to make them come true.

You will never have to wonder your worth;

Because I will show you how precious you are to me every day

Starting today I make this vow – here, now, and forever I am yours

Because just one lifetime with you will not be enough.

Marriage Vow #2:

My beloved, I make this humble vow to you

Before God and the people here today who are close to our hearts:

I love and accept all that you are – for it is what drew me to your light

All those years ago when I couldn’t see in the dark

I will make time for you, take the wheel when life swerves beyond our control

And always have a candle burning in our home,

For that steadfast flame echoes the warmth you give me every single day.

From your arms I shall never stray, for all else is dust and prayer.


Marriage Vow #3:

[insert name], I promise to love you, support you, root for you,

And work with you to build a happy, fulfilling future together

With family, friends, and even children if given a chance.

I accept you, for I love both the good and the bad sides,

As you loved and recognized my own.

Be it through joy, sorrow, and everything in between

I want to celebrate with you at your highest,

Also, hold you when you are at your lowest

Since you’ve graced my life, all I’ll ever wish for is the chance to share life with you.

In God’s name, I [insert name] make this vow to you [insert name] today.


Marriage Vow #4:

I humbly ask you [insert name] to be my lawfully wedded husband/wife/partner

In front of Allah/God, I promise to love and honor you

As I do my practicing faith.

This ring is an infinite circle, a testament that my love for you will never falter,

However, will rise and glow like the sun every day, shining through good times and the bad.

With this ring, I thee wed.


Marriage Vow #5:

My love [insert name] I stand before you,

Almost at a loss for words, except to tell you that you have been a compass in my life

The steady point that anchors me home,

And whose hand brings new horizons.

Your drive and inspire me to be a better person

For that, I am genuinely grateful to you for coming into my life,

In sorrow and success, we will be equals nurturing a life together side by side.

I will honor, love, and cherish you 

For all the days we have yet to fill in this mortal life.


Marriage Vow #6:

I [insert name] give you [insert my name] my hand to hold

Steadfast in yours, the very hand that anchors me to Earth

You are just as much a part of me as my faith is

And before you now I solemnly swear to honour you as an equal,

Be by your side when the storms of life come, as well as shouldering the joy

And prospect of children yet to bless our lives

Money has no object in my love for you, nor will ill-heath stray me from your side

With an open heart I make this vow to stand by you in all we do from here on in.


Marriage Vow #7:

Life is a journey, not a destination – so they say; 

However, my journey became an adventure when you stepped into my life.

You [insert name] are everything that matters to me,

Aside from my faith in God and the Bible,

You stand in all your radiance, and I am so proud of you

Moreover, I am moved by all you do and humbled to have you here beside me.

I promise to rise to be the person worthy of you

As a partner, a lover, and a friend,

For with you hand in mine: everything, in the end, will turn out just fine.

Together, with you in my sight, I make this vow.


Marriage Vow #8:

[insert name] I take thee to be my wedded wife/husband/partner

For better or worse,

For good and the bad times

Sunshine or torrential rain 

Life can be unkind, make no mistake

From this day on, I will be the person you can trust to have your back

I will be your soldier when you need time to fall back.

All you need, when you require

As you have risen to the occasion for me when you've been needed the most.

With God as my witness, I will love you as long as I draw breath.


Marriage Vow #9:

I [insert name] do take thee [insert name] as my lawfully wedded wife/husband/partner

From this moment, I promised to share your dreams, listen to your woes,

Dry your tears, and shoulder any of your pain

I want you to know; I’m not going anywhere

I here – with you – that should never be a doubt in your head

With this ring, made of the next precious metal, I am thee wed.

You are forever branded into my soul,

With a simple step, a dimpled smile,

All those years ago you rocked my world,

Let me have the rest of my life to return the favor.


Marriage Vow #10:

By the Grace of God, I wed thee [insert name] to be my intended

From this moment – I am yours as you are mine

Life can be unkind, but I will promise to keep the faith and hold your hand

Through the good and the bad,

When our backs are against the wall, nothing will get to you

Without going through me beforehand.

We will find a way, to love, laugh, and to bloom with life, love, friendship, and prosperity.

With this ring of precious metal, I seal this vow.