A beautiful token of commitment and a blessing from God

Getting ready for your big day

wedding knot, wedding cords, cord of three strands

The right venue

You've searched for just the right place. A setting that will illuminate your wedding and beautifully frame the occasion in the memory of all who attend

wedding knot, wedding cords, cord of three strands

A beautiful dress

You tried on 100 dresses and finally found the one. It's you. 

wedding knot, wedding cords, cord of three strands

The man you've waited for

You've waited patiently and now is the time. 

wedding knot, wedding cords, cord of three strands

Time for commitment

"Love is a Moment that lasts forever"

Include a Cord of Three Strands in your ceremony to add to the memory of that moment of commitment

Cord of Three Strands

When including the ceremony of the Three Strands in your wedding it is a time that is represented in equal parts with the groom holding the ring  while the bride braids the strands, under which God’s covenant and blessings are created. 

Ecclesiastes 4:12...

"Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not easily broken.”

Everything you need

Our Collection consists of the Cord of Three Strands plus the Ceremony Card. Both provide for a beautiful memory and memento of your wedding.

The Cord of Three Strands and the Ceremony Card are original creations from Wedding Bells Pro

Ceremony Card

The Gold embossed Ceremony Card exquisitely describes the enduring blessing of a marriage made under God. You may choose to have the story of the Cord of three strands narrated by someone from the wedding party adding a rich dimension to the experience

A role for you and a role for him

Both you and the groom participate. While you will be braiding the three cords, he will hold the ring to anchor the strands